My Philosophy

The word transformation means “a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance”. Another definition and by far my favorite one is “metamorphosis”. In my opinion, metamorphosis is the perfect analogy for trauma healing. We release what no longer serves us in order to become who we were meant to be.

And that is exactly what I will help you achieve.

Modalities, Sessions, and Readings

Traumatic Incident Reduction

TIR is a unique evidence based modality, specifically designed to help release trauma, triggers & PTSD

Divine Light Healing

Divine Light Healing is a compilation of several carefully selected modalities which bring deep healing for body, mind, and soul.

Divine Ancestral Healing

Divine Ancestral Healing releases trauma you didn’t even know was there. It shines a new light on the term ‘It runs in the family’.

We are multi-level beings with a physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual body. Healing only one aspect won’t bring the transformation we seek. But, if we focus on healing on all levels, our lives will transform in ways we could have never imagined.

Soul Realignment

An experience like no other. It not only heals your Soul, but reveals so much about who you truly are.

Property Realignment 

You can’t heal in a traumatized home. So let’s restore its high vibe energy. A happy home is where angels dwell.

Divine Guidance

Tarot, Divination, Channeling, and dream interpretation. Receive divine guidance for personal and professional issues.

Release all that is holding you back from becoming who you were aways meant to be


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