My Philosophy

The word transformation means “a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance”. Another definition and by far my favorite one is “metamorphosis”. In my opinion, metamorphosis is the perfect analogy for trauma healing. We release what no longer serves us in order to become who we were meant to be.

And that is exactly what I will help you achieve.

Full Circle Trauma Healing 

When I began my journey as a trauma healer, I always felt that what I offered was incomplete. There was always that question: ‘Now what?’ And I don’t like that question, as it shows that something is missing, a question is still unanswered. Simply helping you heal from the trauma you went through, didn’t seem enough. There is so much more that can be achieved, if we just went deeper.

And so, over the past four years (2018-2022), I designed a trauma healing approach that covers every aspect of trauma and transformation. It starts off with releasing your trauma, limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behavior, moves on to releasing generational and social conditioning, and ends with ancestral and past life healing.

Whatever could possibly be holding you back from truly living as your authentic self, we will unearth and release. That is Full Circle Trauma Healing. The most all encompassing trauma healing approach there is to date.

No matter where you are at in your healing journey, I can help you get to the next level.

Modalities, Programs, Sessions, and Readings

Traumatic Incident Reduction

Traumatic Incident Reduction, or short TIR, is by far the best kept secret in the world of trauma healing. Designed specifically to release trauma, triggers & PTSD it is an effective, evidence-based modality that can help you release even the most intense trauma in just a handful of sessions.

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Life Story Transformation Coaching

This coaching program is for heart centered individuals who understand that in order to change their circumstances, they must release what is holding them back. I will help you transform limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behavior into positive traits, set healthy boundaries, establish an empowered mindset, and push through any plateau or glass ceiling you face.

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Rock Solid Relationship Coaching

This program is designed for heart centered couples who know that they have married the love of their life, but feel disconnected. I help them discover and transform the root cause of their marital hardships and create the truly loving and flourishing relationship they have always desired!

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We are multi-level beings. Meaning we have a physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual body. Healing only one aspect is hardly ever enough to bring the transformation we seek. But, if we focus on healing on all levels, we can transform our lives in ways we could have never imagined.

Divine Light Healing

Divine Light Healing is a compilation of several carefully selected modalities and tools which, if combined, become a powerful approach to bring deep healing for body, mind, and spirit. 

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Soul Realignment

The Soul Realignment is an experience like no other.

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Divine Ancestral Healing

Divine Ancestral Healing is a unique modality I designed to complete my full circle trauma healing approach. It releases trauma you didn’t even know was there, and is quite the experience. It shines a new light on the words ‘It runs in the family’.

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At some point in your healing journey, when you have exhausted the mainstream tools and resources, you will ultimately hit a wall. That is the moment you will begin to look for help outside the box, only to discover a world of magic and wonder.

Learning to navigate the spiritual aspect of yourself can be overwhelming. Once the door has been opened, there is no going back. Your life will change forever in the most wonderous ways. Therefore, I am always incorporating spiritual teachings, and practices.

Living A Soul Aligned Life

Living a Soul Aligned Life is a unique program designed specifically for individuals who are drawn to living a spiritual life, and are hoping to bring more ease and flow into their daily routine. Embark with me on a journey into the depth of the Akashic Records to release past life, ancestral, and generational attachments, discover how to successfully manifest your hopes and dreams, and design the blueprint for an abundant and magical life.

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Mercury Retrograde Special

Everyone who knows about the particulates of our beloved planted Mercury when it moves into retrograde usually lets out an annoyed sigh and a ‘not this again’. But, what if you could use this time to your advantage?

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Tarot Reading

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