Healing your Soul is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

And knowing who you are on Soul Level is simply empowering. It gives you a greater understanding of who you truly are and will support you in finding your life’s purpose.

Wouldn’t you like to know what life experiences your Soul wants to have in this lifetime and how much you can influence these experiences?

Aren’t you curious about your Soul’s divine gifts and what that means for you and your life?

Haven’t you ever wondered how much influence your Soul really has in your life? Or perhaps, you feel as if something about you being here (in this life, on this planet) feels off, but you can’t point your finger on it?

A Soul Realignment® Reading can answer these and many more questions you probably never knew you had.

How does it work?

With your permission, I will access your Akashic Records to reveal to you the following information: 

  • A full soul profile (soul group, energy centers, divine gifts, soul vibration, soul specialization, spirit guides, higher self)
  • Your soul’s chosen life lesson for this lifetime
  • past and present life attachments (curses, spells, pacts, bindings, contracts, unjustified karma)
  • past and present life issues and how they affect you today

Once these facts have been established, I will compile my findings in an 8-10 page written report, which I will discuss with you in our Soul Realignment® Revelation Call.

Directly after our call, you will receive an email with your full report as well as your ‘Soul Transformation Homework‘.

But that is not all!

The most amazing part of this reading is that whatever we unearth that is negatively affecting you, or no longer relevant can be cleared, healed and released from your Akashic Records and with that from your Soul. And after our Soul Realignment® Revelation Call, I will do just that.

Why is a Soul Realignment® Reading so important?

When something extremely traumatic happens in the course of a lifetime, it can leave an imprint on your soul. This imprint will stay attached to your soul throughout all the following lifetimes and will affect you in each and every one of them, unless it is being released from your Akashic Records.

Are you curious to learn more about who you are at Soul Level?