A Healing Approach That Grows With You

Life is a journey. A journey of discovering who you truly are. This journey begins once you realize that something’s got to give. You might be frustrated with all the obstacles life throws at you, suppressed memories coming to the surface, and everything in this life just seems like such a struggle. All you want is to be happy, be loved for who you are, be taken seriously, and be successful in life, love, and business. But you feel blocked at every turn, and your hopes and dreams seem impossible to reach.

Then you make the decision and commitment to yourself to release traumas, triggers, limiting beliefs, and conditioned behavior, and you begin to notice subtle changes within yourself and the world around you. You are happier, free to feel however you want to feel without having to fear being triggered. You no longer tolerate disrespect, or ridicule against yourself or others and voice your opinion without fear. You set healthy boundaries, and rather than dreaming of what you want you go for what you want. And you realize that whatever you wanted was already there, waiting for you to catch up.

Then you begin to explore your spiritual side and notice that there is even deeper healing available. That is usually when Reiki finds you and the Akashic Records invite you in. Now is the time to release the trauma you didn’t even know you had. Past life, ancestral & generational trauma, as well as justified and unjustified karma are at the core of this part of your journey.

And you realize that there is an even deeper level to your true authentic Self. And as you move through your journey of becoming your true Self, the most wondrous world opens up to you.

We are all at different stages in our evolution. Wherever you are at in this very moment is exactly where you are supposed to be. This is ground zero, the space from which you will grow into your next level of being.

Healing From Trauma is Not a Linear Process

The journey of healing from trauma is like a maze with twists and turns, dead ends and hidden pathways. Which is why I am not just offering one way of working with me, but many.

Everything I offer will help you in your journey of healing and transformation. How I work with you, depends on what you feel drawn to at this very moment.

Below are links to the various ways you can work with me. Some may resonate with you, and some may not. And that is how it should be, because depending on where you are at in your journey, different modalities will speak to you.

What I offer


I offer a variety of coaching & mentoring options that are designed to support you in your growth and evolution. Each of these options will meet you where you are at and grow with you into your next level. The one you most resonate with, is the one you are ready for.


I offer a variety of different modalities to help you advance in your healing journey. Whether you are looking for deep trauma healing; energy healing; past life, ancestral, generational, or karmic healing; soul level healing; or spiritual guidance. You will find it here.


Unsure of where to begin?

Let’s explore your ground zero and the hopes, dreams, goals, and desires you have for your imminent future.