Sandra is absolutely incredible and I am an entirely new person after working with her! Life changing!!!

Divine Light Healing

Brenda F., Entrepreneur
For anyone who is on the fence or curious about getting a session with Sandra Cooze, she is the real deal. As a fellow alternative modality practitioner and sensitive, i have been searching for efficient and effective healing methods for myself and others and this is a real gift to experience. We are very blessed to have access to a practitioner of her caliber, skill set and ability at this time, when it’s truly needed most. Her strength, awareness, and knowledge of self is felt immediately during the session and will help you reclaim your own self empowerment and sovereignty. I really can’t recommend her highly enough, thank you Sandra!

Divine Ancestral Healing

Phil A., Alternative Modality Practitioner

When I met Sandra, I was going through one of the most traumatic life experiences that I’ve ever had. Since then I have overcome so many of my life obstacles in all areas, work and personal. I have opened up to the possibility of other areas that I wouldn’t have even thought about. Sandra is a godsend. I don’t know what or where I would be if she hadn’t changed my life that day.

Crystal S., Paralegal
Sandra has helped me through many traumas through the TIR sessions. I am a new person now! I am beyond grateful to have met her and receive help to overcome traumas through the process of TIR! Sandra’s input has been invaluable to my life and journey.
Bridget K., Singer/Songwriter

Words cannot express how much I enjoyed my first session with Sandra. Sandra is very intuitive in her ability to actively listen. I came away from this first session able to complete the first task. I am very enthusiastic about the next session. Thank you, Sandra, for allowing me the safe space to begin this healing journey. I appreciate Sandra’s insight. 

Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR)

Nia K., Entrepreneur

I have been working with Sandra for a while, and am always amazed at how in tune she is with energies and what’s needed to keep them in balance. When I told her that I suddenly felt unsafe and not  alone in my home, she knew that I had an unwanted spiritual houseguest and suggested the Property Realignment. I am so glad I agreed to it. When I woke up the next morning, I no longer sensed a presence following me around, and my home felt like my home again. I highly recommend Sandra and her amazing skills. 

Property Realignment 

Mary C., Nurse Practitioner

I had the most wonderful reiki session today !!! Sandra is a beautiful, kind soul who is always there to listen and help! Thank you Sandra I appreciate you!

Divine Light Healing

Barbara M., Hair Stylist

I enjoyed my free consultation with Sandra. She is a non-judgmental listener who genuinely wants to help others. She gave me great advice on how to begin my healing process. She is very knowledgeable about trauma and spiritual matters. Her kind gentle spirit shines through and creates a safe warm place for those who seek her expertise. Thank you so much for talking with me! I really appreciate all the advice!

Julie P., retired

Working with Sandra was the best decision I have ever made. I had many major traumas that I had to heal. No amount of counseling or other therapies were able to help me release my anxiety and PTSD – until I met Sandra.  Working with her has changed my life!

Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR)

Bridget K., Your Content Goes Here

Sandra is a powerful guide and teacher. I’ve worked with her in a multitude of ways for years and she’s helped me heal through deep transformation as I continue to grow and shift into my highest self. Thank you for being in my life.

Christine S., Nutritionist

I had my big a-ha moment in my second session with Sandra and from then on I never looked back. I highly recommend her. She is very personable, very intuitive and I felt so comfortable opening up to her.

Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR)

Laurie D., Holistic Health Practitioner

I used to dread going to therapy. But with Sandra I am actually looking forward to it. I have never felt so safe exploring my trauma. 

Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR)

Bindi D., Entrepreneur

Sandra has made a big difference in my life in such a short time. Thank you Sandra for your help and skills!! You are a master at what you do.

Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR)

Rebecca H., Health and Wellness

Sandra performs miracles. I can’t describe it any other way. For the second time now, she has helped me sell a home that had been on the market for months. The first time was when our apartment had been on the market for almost a year. We had not one interested buyer and the closing date for our new home was just around the corner. After Sandra performed the Property Realignment, we sold our apartment within a week at full asking price. 

When I reached out to Sandra once again I had just left my abusive husband and started a new life with my daughters. For months I had many showings for my house, but not one single offer. Once Sandra performed the Property Realignment, I not only noticed how I couldn’t stop smiling inside my house, but that same day I had a showing, and only three hours later a request for a second viewing . I am so grateful for Sandra and her amazing gifts.  

Property Realignment

Sandra S., Bank Manager

I met Sandra through her etsy shop a few years ago, where I bought several of her high energy jewelry pieces. She is so intuitively gifted that I knew she could help me with my problem. I had inherited my family’s farm house, but was trying to sell it as I knew that me and my family would never live there. We must have had it up for a couple of years with no interested buyers. When I talked to Sandra about it she asked me how the house felt energetically. Her question brought an incident back where  a potential buyer had said that the house gave him the creeps. When I told Sandra she suggested a Property Realignment. I agreed and only two weeks later I received a phone call from a woman who had been looking at my house a few months before, but wasn’t sure if it would be a good fit. She told me that she felt the sudden urge to give it another look and was asking for a viewing. Thank you so much Sandra. You are a God sent. 

Property Realignment 

Emily B., nurse practitioner

I thought it was odd that we had big black flies in our bathroom while we had three feet of snow and very frosty temperatures. Every day I would find another fly or two without being able to see any place where they could have come in, or laid eggs. Sandra was very professional and asked specific questions about our home, surroundings, and overall feeling. She took everything I said very seriously, and assured me that I was not crazy when I told her that there were areas in my home I felt uncomfortable in, and got shivers.  She suggested the Property Realignment, and I agreed. I have no explanation for this, but the day after she did it, the flies were gone. They just disappeared, and my home felt so clean and calm, warm, and yes, happy. I am still in awe because logically, this does not make any sense, and yet, that is exactly what happened. I highly recommend reaching out to Sandra whenever something seems off in your home. 

Property Realignment

Heather F. , sales associate

I LOVE my Bracelet. Since the first minutes wearing it I felt change in my body. I know it sounds crazy but it is true. I will not be without it. I feel positive working through it and I am feeling it. Thank you so much.

Custom Bracelet

Gabriella W., retired

I have been struggling with panic attacks for many years. When I found Sandra’s jewelry on Etsy, I felt instantly drawn to her custom made bracelets. After a brief consultation with her about my issue, she designed a beautiful bracelet for me. The day I received it, I felt a panic attack starting. But the moment I put on my bracelet, it just stopped. I am so amazed at the power of the crystals that Sandra chose for me and I am so grateful that I found her. Her jewelry is incredible! 

Custom Bracelet

Nancy E., entrepreneur

The bracelet is an early Christmas gift for my mother. She loves it! When I received it I had to look at it myself, because I was so excited. It was beautiful and very well made. A lot heavier then I expected, so you know the beads are great quality! Sandra was a dream to work with! So very kind and helpful. She is helping me out and making a necklace for my son. I can’t wait to see the finished product, because I know it will be beautiful! I have other family members I would like to get bracelets for, so I will be ordering more very very soon.

Custom Bracelet

Kathryn H., assistant manager

Felt instantly better. Would recommend everybody to get a customized one based on Sandra’s recommendation

Custom Bracelet

Sarah P., retired

So grateful for Sandra and her thoughtful work!!!! Has helped my niece with her asthma and my sister supporting and guiding to the next chapter- her bracelets are magic in every way!!! Can’t wait for Sandra to make one for me!!!

Custom Bracelet

Francesca F., retired