Property Realignment 

When Your Home Needs Healing

Have you ever walked past a house that gave you the chills? As if something about it just wasn’t right, even though the exterior looked well kept, and beautiful? Or, have you ever walked into a house, an apartment, or even a room, and felt uneasy, even though it was clean and well taken care of? No, you were not imagining things. What you sensed was toxic energy.

A house absorbs the energy of its inhabitants and visitors. Unless properly cleansed it even keeps the energy of all of its previous owners and their visitors, pets, items, etc. Depending on the emotional state of a person, a house absorbs either high vibrational or toxic energy.

Uplifting energy is wonderful, as it not only lifts the vibe of the home and makes you smile, but also protects the home from negative entities, while at the same time attracting angels, and other high vibrational beings who will protect your home and your family.

A low vibe, or toxic energy however, can become a huge issue. Aside from allowing negative spirits and other low vibrational entities to come and go as they please, while high vibrational beings leave the toxic environment, toxic energy can cause a feeling of unease, being watched, hearing strange noises, or even make you, or others in your household very sick.

If toxic energy were visible, a traumatized house would look something like this. Worn down, damaged, neglected, broken. And simply unloved. But rather than seeing the negative energy, we can sense it by how a house, or our home makes us feel. But how does a house accumulate negative energy?

Here are just a few of the most common examples:

  • A toxic, or rather violent, narcissistic relationship
  • a once loving relationship that turned toxic, and ended in divorce
  • Stress, worry, fear, anger, grief, trauma, jealousy, etc.
  • Heated arguments
  • Hoarding, or clutter
  • Sometimes also antiques, gifts, hand-me-downs
  • Friends or guests leaving their toxic energy behind (unintentionally)
  • using a Ouija board, or other Seance type divination without proper care, knowledge, or instructions

As you can see, it does not take much for negative energy to be brought into, or created within your home.

How can you tell that the energy in your home is toxic?

Following are a few examples:

  • General feeling of unease or fear
  • Frequent nightmares
  • Arguments that seem to be getting worse
  • Sudden Streak of bad luck
  • Cold spots in the home or on the property
  • Feeling of being watched
  • Hearing noises of moving furniture, or other sources
  • Seeing spirits, shadows, orbs
  • Feeling drained, exhausted, unmotivated, or just blah
  • Feeling better once you leave your home
  • Not feeling comfortable in your home, as if something is off, or not right
  • Your home feels dirty, even though you just cleaned it floor to ceiling

Why is it so important to live in a high vibrational home?

A high vibrational home is a sanctuary, a place you can’t wait to get back to because you love being in it. A high vibrational home simply feels good. It will also keep you and your partner happy. Of course arguments happen in the best relationships, but in a high vibrational home, there is no room for heated arguments. And so, they fizzle out.

But especially when you are healing from trauma, being in a high vibrational place is an intricate part of a successful journey. Healing from trauma needs high vibrational conditions, so that you can elevate yourself out of your past and into a new level of being.

Simply put, you can not heal in a traumatized home. Just as your home absorbs your energy, you absorb the energy of your home.

What can the Property Realignment do for you? 

The Property Realignment will clear the toxic energy from your home, close portals, remove lost souls, malevolent spirits, and other low vibrational beings, restore peace and harmony in your home, and fill it with high vibrational energy.

You will notice an instant shift of the energy in your home. Gone will be the feeling of unease, or fear, the constant nagging and bickering between you and your partner, and your home will feel whole once more.

You may notice how your space suddenly becomes brighter, or that you can’t stop smiling, you may even feel the buzzing of high vibrational energy flowing through you.

What I love most about a High Vibrational Home is, that it attracts only the purest of guides and ethereal beings like angels and faeries to guide and protect you and your loved ones.

A happy home is where angels dwell

Things to know about your Property Realignment

A Property Realignment can be performed for a house, a business suite/building, or an apartment. I would recommend having it done every 6-12 months, unless you notice a lot of toxicity being brought into your home, apartment, or business. In this case, I would recommend a Property Realignment every 3 months.

Just as with the Soul Realignment, I require some information to access the Akashic Records.

  • Full Address of the property
  • Apartment/suite number (if applicable)
  • Full name of the Owner/Tennant

The above information is needed to locate your property’s records. Please rest assured that this information will solely be used for the purpose of your reading and will never be disclose to any third party.

Please note: To perform the realignment for a property/apartment/business that is not your own, or that you are not the tenant of, I do require permission of the owner to proceed.

I would highly recommend booking a Property Realignment before you put your house on the market, or immediately after you moved into your new home.

When you are selling your home, the Property Realignment will remove not just toxic energy, but give it a neutral feel by removing all your energy as well, which will make it tremendously easer for potential buyers to see themselves living in this space.

Once you moved into a new home, or at least have your name on the deed, the Property Realignment will remove not only toxic energy that was present in the home, but also the energy and remnants of the previous owners.

What My Clients Are Saying

I have been working with Sandra for a while, and am always amazed at how in tune she is with energies and what’s needed to keep them in balance. When I told her that I suddenly felt unsafe and not  alone in my home, she knew that I had an unwanted spiritual houseguest and suggested the Property Realignment. I am so glad I agreed to it. When I woke up the next morning, I no longer sensed a presence following me around, and my home felt like my home again. I highly recommend Sandra and her amazing skills. 

Mary C., retired

Sandra performs miracles. I can’t describe it any other way. For the second time now, she has helped me sell a home that had been on the market for months. The first time was when our apartment had been on the market for almost a year. We had not one interested buyer and the closing date for our new home was just around the corner. After Sandra performed the Property Realignment, we sold our apartment within a week at full asking price. 

When I reached out to Sandra once again I had just left my abusive husband and started a new life with my daughters. For months I had many showings for my house, but not one single offer. Once Sandra performed the Property Realignment, I not only noticed how I couldn’t stop smiling inside my house, but that same day I had a showing, and only three hours later a request for a second viewing . I am so grateful for Sandra and her amazing gifts.  

Sandra S., Bank Manager

I met Sandra through her etsy shop a few years ago, where I bought several of her high energy jewelry pieces. She is so intuitively gifted that I knew she could help me with my problem. I had inherited my family’s farm house, but was trying to sell it as I knew that me and my family would never live there. We must have had it up for a couple of years with no interested buyers. When I talked to Sandra about it she asked me how the house felt energetically. Her question brought an incident back where  a potential buyer had said that the house gave him the creeps. When I told Sandra she suggested a Property Realignment. I agreed and only two weeks later I received a phone call from a woman who had been looking at my house a few months before, but wasn’t sure if it would be a good fit. She told me that she felt the sudden urge to give it another look and was asking for a viewing. Thank you so much Sandra. You are a God sent. 

Emily B., nurse practitioner

I thought it was odd that we had big black flies in our bathroom while we had three feet of snow and very frosty temperatures. Every day I would find another fly or two without being able to see any place where they could have come in, or laid eggs. Sandra was very professional and asked specific questions about our home, surroundings, and overall feeling. She took everything I said very seriously, and assured me that I was not crazy when I told her that there were areas in my home I felt uncomfortable in, and got shivers.  She suggested the Property Realignment, and I agreed. I have no explanation for this, but the day after she did it, the flies were gone. They just disappeared, and my home felt so clean and calm, warm, and yes, happy. I am still in awe because logically, this does not make any sense, and yet, that is exactly what happened. I highly recommend reaching out to Sandra whenever something seems off in your home. 

Heather F., sales associate

Coming Soon


I am so very excited to announce that I will soon be releasing a very special online course.

Maintaining A High Vibrational Home

This course will teach you step by step how you can keep your home happy and healthy with easy practices, as well as items and tools that you most likely already have in your kitchen, or storage area.

Learn how to do a deep energetic cleanse, or how to use last minute cleansing hacks, and learn what to pack in your high vibe traveling kit to use in hotel rooms, or Airbnbs.

Check ‘YES’ on your Property Realignment order, if you would like to be informed of its release.