Divine Light Healing

Ever since I began to study Reiki in 2010, my life has constantly evolved, enriched by spiritual tools like crystals, music, and Incense, but also through studying the tarot, channeling, as well as angel and spirit guide communication, and of course exploring the wisdom of the Akashic Records.

Divine Light Healing is a combination of four wonderful modalities and approaches that can enrich your life in so many different ways.

It can help you release excess energy that can cause

  • physical, mental, and emotional pain
  • trauma, and limiting beliefs
  • fears and phobias
  • obsessions, and addictions
  • and more….

It can also help you

  • bring clarity in times of need
  • push through any obstacle
  • open the door to new possibilities
  • push through times of stagnation
  • and so much more…

The 4 Modalities of Divine Light Healing


Reiki is as old as time itself. Every energy healing modality out there has its roots in Reiki. It is the most powerful holistic healing approach I have ever come across. Reiki works on all levels, helps you release anything that needs to be released, and helps realign whatever is out of balance.

A true Massage for the Soul.

Cord Cutting

From the moment you were born, you were forming an energetic bond with virtually anyone in your life. This is not a bad thing, but sometimes, those bonds can become toxic through trauma, abuse, etc. Toxic bonds can greatly affect your health and well-being. A cord cutting will remove those cords that are no longer needed, and heal those you share with your loved ones.

Aura Cleansing

Just as your skin is your physical protection, the aura is your spiritual one.

Just as your skin can receive a wound, so can your aura.

Cleansing your aura is essential to your overall health and well-being.

Spiritual Parasite Cleansing

Spiritual Parasites are a nuisance. They attach themselves to the aura of anyone who is having a bad day and feed off their negative energy. At first glance, this may sound like a good thing, but in order to keep getting that negative energy, they will keep you in that negative vibration. With a Cleansing we can get rid of these pesky suckers.

Divine Light Healing should be done once every three months. For the time in between, I would suggest adding a Reiki Session every two to four weeks.