Divine Ancestral & Generational Healing 


I have heard those words so many times. And the interesting thing is, that in most cases, it is actually true. However, it is not the person that is cursed, but rather the whole ancestral line.

With an ancestral clearing session it is very easy to release curses, pacts, contracts, traumas, or other attachments from past lives, as well as the ancestral and generational line.

Attachments like curses, contracts, pacts and traumas can keep us stuck in life, love, and business. I know because I cleared several curses, contracts, and traumas from my own ancestral line and it has changed my life in so many ways!

Do you feel cursed? Or as if an invisible force is holding you back from living the life of your dreams? Then let’s discover if it is a remnant of your ancestors and clear it.

“It runs in the family”
Always has a point of origin and if you choose to, it can come to an end with you.

Physical pain can also be a remnant from generations past.

Whenever there is a pattern within several generations, you can be sure that its root can be found within your ancestral line.

This means that its energy has been passed down through generations until it came to settle within you. within you.

Why do I never finish anything? Why can’t I believe in myself? Why am I so afraid?

That does not make any sense

Do you often feel unmotivated, are constantly procrastinating, or feel drained? Does it seem to you as if you are pushing against an invisible wall in your personal, or professional life?

Money seems like a curse, whatever you try to accomplish fails, every relationship you ever had was short lived and ended the sam way.

It may not be you. It could be a block caused by an issue your ancestors never healed and passed on through generations until it reached you and made your life difficult.

It wasn’t until I released ancestral and generational belief patterns that I was able to truly soar in life, love, and business.


Have you tried every approach you can find and are still unsuccessful? I know just how you feel! Because that used to be me for as long as I can remember. But now my friends call me the “manifestation queen”.

Do you know why? It wasn’t my manifestation technique that did not work for me. And believe me, I tried them all.

It was ancestral and generational trauma and attachments that kept me from successfully manifesting. Ever since I cleared these attachments from me and my ancestral line, I manifest almost instantly.

The Most Common Issues I Release for My Clients 

Some of the most common issues I work on with my clients are listed below. Do any of these resonate with you? Or do they trigger a different issue, or pattern that you can’t seem to break?

Money Blocks

  • You hate money
  • Money triggers you
  • Money is hard to come by
  • No one wants to pay for your services
  • As soon as you have some money saved up something happens and you lose it all
  • and more…

Success Blocks

  • Every time you are close to succeeding, everything falls apart.
  • You can never get ahead
  • You feel like a failure
  • Fear of Being Seen
  • Fear of Failure
  • and more…

Love Blocks

  • Can’t find Love
  • Feeling Lost
  • Feeling of Being Punished For Something
  • and more…

But your ancestors did not just leave you the bad stuff..

Yes, it is true that trauma, contracts, curses, pacts, belief systems, can all be passed down the ancestral line to you, but that is not the only thing your ancestors leave behind for you.

They also leave you with their strength, their love, their passion, their determination, their talents, their wisdom.

With an ancestral healing session, we can tap into those amazing gifts your ancestors left for you, and activate them.