When you are on a spiritual journey you will go through a number of growth spurts and with that you will experience major changes in your view of the world. This is and should be a very exciting time for you. You will begin to see the world in a different light; things that made no sense to you now appear crystal clear. You will begin to feel differently, think differently, behave differently and most of all realize that the things you tolerated before, have now become unacceptable.

Even though the changes that accompany you on your spiritual journey are positive and exciting, they can wreak havoc on your relationships. All of a sudden it may seem as if you are talking to a wall or stumble from one argument to the next. This can be exhausting and very frustrating. It can go so far that you may feel as if you have lost your connection to your loved ones. No matter what your spouse may do or say, you can become agitated or feel misunderstood. Yet at the same time you know that it is not your spouse’s fault. So what happened?

The answer is quite simple. You have changed! You may have released blockages you did not know you had and now things that used to be ok with you drive you up the wall. Being on a spiritual journey, you are bound to change quite a bit. Some changes may be hardly noticeable, yet others may be dramatic. Releasing blockages in particular is quite a profound change.

When you have a strong bond with your spouse, family or friends, they may notice the changes within you and react to them – not always in a positive way. Your partner may sense a change within you and may misinterpret it as you not loving him anymore or worse, wanting to leave or having an affair. This sounds very dramatic, but most suspicion arises from a change in energy. We may not know what is going on, can’t quite put our finger on it, but we know something is different. When something in a relationship is suddenly different, we always assume the worst. If this happens sit down with your partner and talk about your spiritual journey, how you are changing and where you are right now. Your spouse may not see what you see, but by understanding that everything is exactly as it should be, he can relax enough to adjust to your new energy.

Many people may fear that spiritual growth will result in an incompatibility with our partner. Try to understand that you are the one who changed, not your partner. Give your partner time to catch up. Encourage your spouse to consider the changes you have been experiencing and how that changed your view of things and let him get to where you are at his own pace.

Change can be a blessing for a relationship if we are willing to ride out the storm.