Before we are born, we choose our purpose for this lifetime. And then we go on a quest to finding our way toward it. As a child this path is still very clear in our hearts, but we are unable to articulate it. Then as we grow older, our experiences begin to overshadow our path, we get sidetracked, held back, confused by all the information around us. And yet, there is always this slight unexplainable pull that draws us forward ever so slightly.
That pull is our divine compass, the roadmap to our north star, the purpose we chose for this lifetime. Sometimes this calling becomes louder and the pull stronger. Then we move more in tune with our purpose. We know when we are in tune with our path because we feel all bubbly and giddy inside. But then something happens, a life changing event, a traumatic experience that stops us from following our path. What we fail to see is that every experience me make is meant to bring us closer to our purpose. Every setback we face is meant to make us stronger, so we gain the strength and wisdom to fulfil our purpose.
And yet, we are being so wrapped up in what happened, what we have lost, what we believe could have been that we lose sight of this pull. We even go so far as to ignore that pull that our divine compass continues to send out.
Then years later, we feel that pull again and we remember our hopes and dreams, our inner knowing of something greater we were meant to achieve, and we wonder if it is too late now to find our purpose.
Some souls give up on ever finding their true purpose and keep themselves occupied, suppressed within their duties and limitations. Others are fulfilling their purpose, without knowing it and without allowing themselves to immerse themselves in this feeling of accomplishment and joy.
This purpose is different for everyone. Some may feel drawn to working in nursing homes – supporting those souls who are ready to leave this life behind to prepare for the next one. Others may feel drawn to work in the maternity ward, to welcome the new souls that are just beginning their journey. Again others may feel drawn to teaching, educating the young souls so they gain the earthly knowledge that will set groundwork for their journey toward their purpose. Again others, may feel drawn to helping those souls who have lost their way.
No matter what you want to do in your life, listen within to see if this makes you feel all bubbly and giddy. That’s how you know that you are on the right path. And if you feel unsure of your pull, or it frightens you to follow it, then I encourage you to reach out. Together we can set you back on your path toward your true purpose.