The quest for happiness is an everlasting need. All of our lives, we are searching for happiness. We look for it all around us, we seek it in other people, our own accomplishments, we travel to the ends of the world in search of true happiness. And yet, we are unable to find it.

Many believe that happiness is a myth, unattainable. They believe happiness is reserved to those who are rich, successful, and had an above average support system all their lives. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Because happiness is not bound by conditions or circumstances. In fact, happiness is unconditional. Happiness does not come with strings attached and it can’t be found, only claimed.

Happiness is a state of being. “Choose to be happy, and you will always find something to be happy about.” That’s why seeking it in everything and everyone around you isn’t working. Happiness can only be found by looking within.

But if happiness is already within us, how come we can’t feel it? The answer is quite simple. We have never been taught the true meaning of happiness. For generations humanity was raised with the belief that happiness is a reward. Something that can only be achieved through great effort and sacrifice.

This means that we were conditioned to believe that happiness is unattainable. And why? Because when you are truly happy, you want for nothing. When you are happy, life is good. When you are happy there is nothing, you crave. When you are happy that metaphorical carrot dangling in front of you becomes useless, because you need nothing more than what you already have in order to be happy. And when you are in a state of mind where you neither want, crave, or desire anything, but rather are content with who you are and what you have, you can no longer be controlled, manipulated or coerced.

We have been conditioned to resent happiness, to see it as something that is only for the lucky. We have been taught that feeling happy when so many are suffering is a sin. We were made to feel guilty for feeling happy. And in doing so, we were conditioned to behave in a way that would sabotage true happiness.

In essence we were made to believe that happiness can only be found by filling our needs, wants, and desires, but not by looking within ourselves. And by that successfully making us feel empty, wanting, craving whatever we believe can give us happiness, only to realize that once we obtained the object of our desire, we would feel as empty as we did before. And since no one has shown us another way of finding happiness, we believe that we are simply not meant to be happy.

And yet we are on a constant quest of finding happiness, even if we don’t believe that it exists. Many even try to create happiness artificially through addictions. But why is it such a need? Why are we so drawn to finding happiness?

That’s because happiness is our natural state of being. Happiness is the language of our Soul. Happiness, love, and bliss is the energy of the universe. It is the energy of the divine.

This means that the quest for happiness is our Soul guiding us back to our natural state of being, back to our true selves. “Remember who you are” is what your Soul is whispering every time you feel a jolt of happiness.

Of course, you are still having wishes and desires when you are in your natural state of happiness, but the beautiful thing is that when you are truly happy, whatever you desire will naturally gravitate toward you, because what you desire, desires you, too.

But you can only receive what you desire if you are open to receiving. So, as long as you believe that what you desire is hard to come by or even impossible, it won’t be able to come into your life, because you are rejecting it through a constricting belief.

Once you understand and embrace the concept of true happiness, you will naturally gravitate toward it. You will begin to recognize those moments when you feel happy. Moments of bliss and excitement will be your Soul’s way of guiding you throughout your life in your journey of becoming your true authentic self.

That’s what it means to being in flow. Doing only what brings you joy. It may sound almost too fantastic to just focus on what you want, because there are so many responsibilities. Yes, there are, and you will still get them done – when you feel that it is the right time to do them.

Check out my video ‘The Magic of being in Flow’. It will clear up a lot of things for you.

But finding your way into flow is only part of the journey. The most important part – the key – to tapping into your natural state of happiness is healing all the wounds that need healing. Whether they are ancestral, generational, past life, karmic, or present life wounds caused by trauma, limiting and conditioned beliefs, or self-sabotaging behavior. All those wounds must be healed for you to be free to live life as your true authentic self and tapping into your own happiness.

You see, healing from trauma is by far the most important piece of the puzzle and the greatest gift you can give to yourself. Because by healing from your past, you will set yourself free to be who you were always meant to be. That includes living a life governed by true happiness.

Are you hearing the whisper of your Soul to tap into your own innate happiness? Then book your free consultation today and mark today as the first day of the rest of your life.