When we give a Reiki treatment we all have our very own signature technique. The one thing that always works for us without fail. For me, that is the power drain.

The power drain is most effective when you work together with your client. Working together to remove energy is not just a more effective way to clear out blockages, but it gives your client a sense of being able to help with draining their problems out of them. It will help letting go become easier. You can see it as a dance, where both partners know exactly when to lead and when to follow.

To perform the power drain, you stand at the feet of your client and have your hands either hover above or resting on top of their feet. This technique drains all the excess and negative energy out of their body. When I use this method, I envision my client being encased in a grey cloud from head to toe and while I have my hands hover over their feet I see the cloud moving downward their body and draining out of the soles of the feet, leaving their body in a shining bright light.

To prepare for the power drain, especially when you use it for the first time, stand tall and envision roots going out from the soles of your feet deep into the earth. This is very important since the energy will move from your client into your hands, through your arms into your shoulders and down your spine and legs into the ground. You will notice that your calves are beginning to tingle quite a bit and you may even start to sweat. To ensure that you do not hold on to any of the energy, envision that everything that comes from your client will move through the soles of your feet into the roots and then being released into the earth. Once you finished, you can either imagine that the roots fall off of your feet or slide back into your body. It all depends on what feels right to you.

Using the power drain makes you the connection between your client’s body and the ground. Which means that not only will you be removing pent up, stuck and erratic energy from their body, you will also help them ground very effectively.

If your client has a lot of built up energy, you can encourage them to take part in this process. I always ask them to take a deep breath in and by breathing in I ask them to collect all the stress and worries, anger, resentment and negative energy within them at their center, forming it into a grey ball and by breathing out pushing this ball down their legs and out of their body.

I have never had a client who did not want to participate. The amazing thing is that they just keep going for as long as you are at their feet. You will see them breathing deeply and relaxing more and more with every conscious breath they take.

Once you have used this method a few times with your client it will almost seem like a dance because they will know instinctively what to do. Even if you do not touch them and hover your hands above their body, they will know exactly when you are at their feet and automatically start to release.

Generally, I perform this power drain multiple times during a treatment. Once I mobilized some of the stuck energy, I move back to do the power drain to clear it out and then continue where I stopped the regular treatment. This may seem a bit erratic and you do not have to follow my method. Just try and incorporate it in a way that fits your style.

At the end of the treatment and the last power drain session, I move my hands towards the soles of my client’s feet, with my palms facing up. This way, I replace the void the draining of the negative energy left with new, positive and grounding earth energy. For this technique, you would envision a ball of golden energy forming at your roots and moving through your legs, spine, shoulders, arms, and hands into the soles of your client’s feet and all the way up their body and out of their crown chakra. This method will not only replenish their energy reserves but also ground them in the higher realms. Now your client is connected to both heaven and earth and they will feel it!

After the treatment, I talk to them about this method and explain to them that they can use this same technique at home. Whenever they feel stressed, anxious or just overwhelmed they should take a deep breath, collect all the negative emotions and energies within their center and push it through their legs into the earth where it will be transmuted into neutral energy and released back into the world. Then I go on talking about earth energy and how to replenish themselves with it.

I hope you enjoyed my article and found some value in it. If you use something similar to the power drain or tried my method, let me know how it went.

First published at Reiki Rays.