When we talk about a master crystal, we also talk about a master healer. There are 5 crystals that are considered master crystals, which are: Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Citrine and Amethyst. Each of these crystals is amazing in their own unique way. The most potent and versatile one is the Quartz crystal, which I will introduce to you today.


The Quartz crystal is an incredible stone. It is not only used in crystal healing, healing grids, rituals and jewelry, but also in many modern day electronic devices like computers, TVs, cell phones etc. It is an energy amplifier which makes it extremely versatile and helpful.


One amazing attribute of the Quartz crystal is that it amplifies the energy of the crystals around it. Whenever you carry any crystals with you, you should also add a Quartz crystal to increase the energy of the stones you chose.


The Quartz crystal is also called the ‘Poor Man’s Diamond’ since its energetic value is equal to the monetary value of a high class diamond.


In my life I experienced sexual assault in different forms. In my early twenties I then completely shut down and for the most part secluded myself. Emotionally, I was in a very dark place. Then one day, a friend of mine simply said: ‘Get a Quartz crystal already!’ He actually said it as if I were supposed to know what that meant, with his hands on his hips and tapping his foot. At that time I had never heard of the concept of crystal healing or spirituality. Nevertheless, I did what he asked and got a Quartz crystal. This decision changed my life forever!


Per my friend’s instructions I started to meditate with the crystal – meaning I took it to bed, held it in my hand and usually fell asleep. After about 3 days of holding the crystal in my hand though, I started to notice my hand getting warm. I felt a tingle in my palm and at some point I could not tell where my hand ended and the crystal began. It seemed as if the two had fused together. Sometimes, I could feel a pull of something out of my arm and shortly after something pushing back in. Today I know of course, that this was negative energy leaving my body and positive energy being guided in.


What the Quartz crystal does is remove energy blockages in a very gentle, yet firm and persistent way. Within 3 months of using this crystal I changed into a different person. I was happier, more outgoing, more outspoken and just more balanced. It is safe to say that this crystal changed my whole life and was the foundation of my healing journey as well as my holistic business, which is a direct result of my own emotional recovery.


Working with the crystal at night was very helpful as I did not have to go through all the emotions of the painful and traumatic memories again. Yet, very often I woke up feeling lighter. A Quartz crystal can’t remove the memory of traumatic or painful events. But it can remove the energy blockage that causes the negative emotions associated with it, thereby removing the power the memory has over us, and giving us freedom from the past. 


If you would like to give a Quartz crystal a try, take your time picking it out. What I would suggest is going to your favorite crystal store and hold some Quartz crystals in your hand. A pretty good sign is, if you feel as if you can’t put the crystal down. This happens to me pretty often that for the life of me, I can’t let go of a crystal I touched. If this happens, you definitely found the right one. Of course this does not happen every time, so if you feel comfortable or even some energy or butterflies in your stomach as you touch a crystal, then it is most likely meant for you. So use your intuition.


When you are at home, the first thing you should do is cleanse your crystal. With the Quartz crystal I would recommend holding it under running water for a few minutes. The reason is that the Quartz crystal does not cleanse itself and with that still holds the energy from all the people who had touched it before it found its way to you. And by holding it under running water, all the excess energy will be drained.


One very important aspect of working with a Quartz crystal is not to be afraid of letting go. Emotional trauma can be extremely hard to overcome. What we have to realize is that emotional trauma is an energetic blockage we created when we were traumatized to find a way to deal with the emotional toll of what happened. But by holding on to this blockage, we are actually holding ourselves hostage. This is where the Quartz crystal can help us to slowly break out of our own prison and reach for the light and work towards becoming the person we know we could be. To begin a healing process is always the hardest part. This is why I love crystals and I highly recommend you work with your Quartz crystal at night. Let it help you while you sleep. 


The Quartz crystal has changed my life in so many ways and I am hoping you are inspired to give it a try as well. If you are on the fence just picture your guardian angel standing in front of you, with her hands on her hips, tapping her foot and telling you: ‘Get a Quartz crystal already!’