My son is at that age where he gets curious about the existence of the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny, Santa and Angels. As a spiritual person, I do believe in the existence of Angels, I work with them and I can feel their energy. 
My husband is the exact opposite. He does not believe in anything spiritual or holistic which is ok, except last week our son (6) asked us whether Angels existed or not. I said: ‘Yes, they do exist.’ My husband on the other hand said: ‘No, they don’t, they are just make belief.’ This was a challenging moment and probably a pretty confusing one for my son. How can Santa, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny be real but Angels are not?

It was sad to see the confused look on my son’s face. Especially, since we were standing in the middle of my Reiki Room, which is decorated with several angel figurines. My son then looked at me with questioning eyes. I told him that many people believe in Angels, that I believe and that if he believes that they are real, then they are. His face lit up and he said: ‘I believe.’

Being on a spiritual journey for the better part of my life I understand that we all experience the world around us differently and we are all on our own individual path. 

When we look at it scientifically we see that people who have faith in something supernatural/spiritual are much happier. Having faith that something we can’t see is real gives us hope, makes it easier to move forward in challenging situations, helps us to never give up etc. 
On the other hand, a person who does not have faith in anything, often has a doomsday attitude, no hope, no trust that things will get better etc.

What we have to remind ourselves of is that just because something does not fit into your world view does not mean that it isn’t real. It just means that we are not ready for it. It is ok, if a person does not have faith, it is their journey in this lifetime. However, it should never be ok to take the faith and the dreams away from our children or another person.