Our entire lives we have been taught that happiness is something we achieve by finding things that make us happy. But is this really true? Is happiness really something we have to chase?

We have been taught that happiness is something we have to discover – and as soon as we thought we did, we felt ecstatic, euphoric and just wonderful. Yet, have you noticed how this feeling dwindles into the abyss just as fast as it appeared? This makes happiness something elusive, something that slips out of our fingers every chance it gets. But is this really what happiness is? Something we have to hunt for all our lives?

We are always being asked ‘what do you need?’ ‘What makes you happy?’ And for the most part, we can’t even answer these questions, because we don’t know what makes us happy. This should already give us cause to think about what happiness truly means. Because if we don’t know what makes us happy, how can we be sure that it is something we actually have to find? Whenever I have been asked these questions I felt a sting of anxiety, as if I had to name one single thing that truly made me happy.

To make matters worse, we are being taught by the media that happiness can be bought with a new pair of shoes or a new purse, or maybe the newest smartphone or tablet. When you think about it, does that even make sense? Not really!

What we fail to see is that happiness is a choice. As long as we search for happiness we will never find it! But once we choose to be happy, we will always discover happiness in every part of our lives!

So what if, instead of finding happiness, we need to discover something else? Something that will lead us to the most fulfilled and happy life imaginable. What if happiness is not the quest, but rather the outcome?

When we think about what makes us happy, we automatically think about an object, place or person. But what if it is neither? What if the ability to be happy is within us rather than being an imaginable thing that will instantaneously make us the happiest people on the planet?

So how can we make happiness a constant part of our lives? The answer is quite simple yet rather challenging. Find your purpose! If you know what you feel drawn to do and pursue it, you will always be happy! Doing what you love and what you feel is your calling will always make you wake up with this euphoric feeling each and every day. And you didn’t even have to look for it!

The more purpose you give your life, the more meaning you will give yourself and with that the happier you will be. Even if you find that your purpose changes just go with it! Always find your purpose and you will always have happiness in your life.

Love & Light,

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Photo by Heidi Sandstrom. on Unsplash