I find energy truly fascinating.

Everything is made up of energy. Even our bodies are materialized energy. Without energy, we would not exist. Nothing around us would exist without it. It is pretty much the source of everything. As a Reiki practitioner, I always work with energy and have a strong connection with it. Many Reiki practitioners incorporate crystals, massage therapy, or other holistic treatments into their practice. I solely focus on the energy. When I work with a client, no matter if they have a physical or emotional issue, I always search for the energy blockage that causes the pain. So, how does the body react to an energetic blockage?
First, let’s start with physical pain.

Let’s say, you walk through your house and you hit your elbow on a doorway or sharp corner. Ouch! But why ouch? What happens to our body and its energy when we hit our elbow? And when we think about it, why does the pain seem to increase before it decreases and fades away?

The answer is quite simple. Our energy flows through our body in a circular motion; in through one foot, up our leg, rump, arm, head, down the other side of our body and out of the other foot. It is a constant circular flow. But when we hit our elbow, the energy that was just flowing through this part gets temporarily paralysed by the blow and all energy that follows gets pushed onto it, which increases the pressure on that spot. This sudden and total interruption of energy flow is also why some people may see stars or feel faint or nauseous for a second or two after the pain hits.

Now, when we have our hands free, we instinctively start to rub our elbow. And the rubbing motion gets the paralysed energy moving again. Of course, the energy will also start to move again on its own if we don’t rub the affected area, it just takes a bit longer. If we are, for example, holding something that we can’t just let go of like China or a laundry basket, we can’t just drop it to rub our elbow.
But as the energy eventually starts to move again, the pain begins to fade.

Let’s look at arthritis as a different example. Arthritis builds up over time. It happens when small amounts of energy become trapped in a spot and slowly hardens. This can, for example, happen through carrying heavy bags or boxes, which temporarily constrict the energy in our finger joints. For a few minutes, the energy can’t flow and is stuck in the joints. Then when we let go of the heavy bags or items, we usually flex our fingers, which helps the energy move again but a tiny bit can always stay behind. And over time, usually years, we start to feel stiffness in our hands every now and then and this stiffness can result in arthritis.

A blockage in the body like sciatica is also a slow build up similar to arthritis. The energy build-up happens slowly over time until it has been stuck there for so long that it begins to harden and become stiff. When I offer Reiki to a client who has sciatica the energy feels like sticky tar. What that means is that it has been there for so long that it hardened. Interesting, right?

Now let’s look at what energy does when we have an emotional blockage. An emotional blockage is usually the result of a traumatic experience or sudden loss of a loved one. Anything that traumatises us will create an energetic blockage. Sometimes we don’t realize that we have one until years later. In my case, it was child molestation, multiple accounts of sexual assault, and rape. The trauma just kept on coming and built up emotional blockages. The lack of support I experienced only added to the trauma and created new blockages. I felt worthless, unlovable, unimportant, and afraid. I had lost my sense of femininity, which, on top of everything else, caused fertility issues when I was ready to become a mom. I withdrew from life and stopped doing things I loved simply because I couldn’t see a future beyond my traumatic ordeals. This went on for many years. Then one day not too long ago I realized with sudden clarity that for the past 20 years I had held myself hostage.

All these emotions I felt were energetic blockages. Trauma is a direct by-product of the emotional pain buried within the cellular structure of our body. Energy blockages are released when new perceptions and mindsets are integrated. We begin to heal when we are ready to accept and effectuate new ways of perception and being.

Since our body has more than one layer, we have to focus on each layer individually to heal the emotional blockages that traumatic events have caused within us. But in essence, it is just energy, and energy can be changed, exchanged, and removed.
Once we understand the important role energy plays in every part of our being, good or bad, we will begin to see our pain and suffering for what it truly is; the trapped energy that we have the power to remove.

All we need is the courage to rise above our story. I hope you enjoyed my article and found some value in it.

Love & Light,

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Photo by Brannon Naito on Unsplash