Meet Your Spirit Guide

2020-09-17T08:44:53-04:00By |

The first time I ever heard about Spirit Guides was during my first Reiki attunement class. At first, I thought only Reiki practitioners had Spirit Guides for protection and support. I took part in a guided meditation to meet

Reiki and Phantom Pain

2020-09-17T08:45:16-04:00By |

Phantom pain is a fascinating phenomenon. It describes the pain of a body part that is no longer present. The first time I read about the concept of phantom pain, its origin and possible treatment options was actually in

Do Angels Exist?

2020-09-17T08:45:57-04:00By |

My son is at that age where he gets curious about the existence of the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny, Santa and Angels. As a spiritual person, I do believe in the existence of Angels, I work with them

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