You can’t set sail

without hoisting your anchor first!

This means that in order to move forward, you have to release what is holding you back. Otherwise, you will just be circling around your anchor.

Picture one of those grandiose pirate ships from Pirates of the Caribbean. The seamen try to hoist their anchor, but it got stuck on something and can’t be brought up. They are held hostage by their anchor and can’t sail out to see and into a life full of adventure.  

Now picture yourself as you hold on to your trauma, but are dreaming of a brighter future. You are stretching out your hand towards the future, but whenever you do, self-doubt, limiting beliefs and self-sabotage keep you stuck where you are. 

Your future is on the opposite side of trauma. To reach it, you have to let go of your past. You have to choose whether you want to remain a hostage of what lies behind you, or become the creator of what has yet to unfold.

You can’t have your anchor out ashore and try to sail away.

Traumatic Incident Reduction Sessions are designed to guide you through your traumatic past for the sole purpose of releasing it. Once you freed yourself from trauma, the triggers naturally fade away – never to be experienced again. 

You will discover peace where there was a storm, freedom where there was a prison, balance where there was turmoil, courage where there was fear, and a new sense of Self. 

Let me help you release your anchor and set sail into an exciting and adventurous tomorrow. 

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