Hello beautiful Soul,

Spirituality is one of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted subjects to date – and yet, it is the most intriguing.

A religious person is generally very spiritual, yet a spiritual person does not have to be religious. Religion is simply one way to express our spirituality.

Spiritual Development is different for everyone. No two paths are alike and yet, each individual path is the correct path for that person.

We may feel drawn to divination (tarot, pendulum, mediumship), energy healing or spiritual teachings. Each of these are spiritual practices and yet, they all are only a small part of what spirituality truly is about.

Being on a Spiritual Journey means we are venturing towards who we truly are. The closer we get to our core being, the happier we become. The reason is very simple: We release what weighs us down and with that shed who we are not to become who we have been all along, buried underneath limiting and conditioned beliefs, trauma, lack mentality, judgment and prejudice.

Letting go of prejudice, judgment, perfectionism and self-sabotage are all aspects of Spiritual Development. The more we release our negative emotions and behavior, the more freedom, divine love and peace we experience.

Let me guide you on your path of Spiritual Development and explore the wonders of a peaceful heart, mind and soul.

Love & Light,



Price per session: $222