• Focus

    We all know the jitters we get when we have exams coming up, being on stage for an audition, or having to give a speech in front of a room full of people.  Whenever you need to keep a cool head this Chakra Bracelet can be your best friend. It has stones selected which will keep you grounded and stay calm and focused when you need it most. 
  • Being able to offer Tarot or any other psychic reading like Oracle Cards, Pendulum Dowsing, Crystal Ball, Tea Leaves, Coffee Grinds, or Palmistry is an amazing gift. Of course, divination has always and will always be very controversy. Some believe in it, some don't. And that is perfectly all right. I created this bracelet after I had an encounter with a very negative entity during one of my Tarot Readings. Even after smudging (cleansing with white sage) the reading room and myself, I could not stop shaking and I froze terrible for quite a while. This experience really shook me to my core. Before this reading, I had never experienced evil energy. This bracelet has stones selected which can be helpful to give a satisfying reading, even though your client may just be trying to test your abilities, or does not believe in this 'nonsense'. ;) But it also has stones selected which will protect you from any form of negativity that you may encounter throughout your reading.
  • This beautiful Baltic Amber necklace is the perfect gift for a baby shower or for a new born baby girl or boy.  It was created with love to detail using Baltic Amber chips and beads and finished with a sterling silver magnetic closure to create a beautiful and timeless piece of healing jewelry. Baltic Amber has long been used as a natural help to reduce the teething pain of babies and toddlers.
  • Weight gain can have many different causes, least of them have to do with love of food. Weight gain can have emotional, or physical reasons. It can also be a protection or defense mechanism after trauma. This bracelet has stones selected which can help increase metabolism, will-power, self-esteem, suppressing hunger, and determination to stay on track. But also stones to help heal the underlying issues of the weight gain.
  • Asthma

    Asthma is one of the most common lung diseases today. It can range from being annoying to terrifying, when an asthma attack occurs. The crystals on this bracelet are selected for their positive impact on an asthma attack. They can help to decrease its severity and reduce its duration.
  • Insomnia

    Not being able to quiet the mind and sleep can be maddening. To battle insomnia, I created this healing bracelet. All the stones selected can promote sleep, relaxation and balance. Especially the combination of Jet and Amber is energetically a strong power package of sleep aid. 
  • Anxiety

    We all feel nervous or worried at times. This type of anxiety can be a helpful feeling when it motivates us or warns us of danger. An anxiety disorder, on the other hand, causes unexpected or unhelpful anxiety that seriously impacts our lives, including how we think, feel, and act. The crystal beads on this healing bracelet are selected for their grounding, calming and balancing properties to help with any level of anxiety.
  • The crystal beads on this bracelet are selected for their uplifting and grounding energy. This healing bracelet can help the wearer overcome any level of depression. It can put a smile on your face and bring sunshine into your heart.
  • 'Electromagnetic Force, also known as EMF, is the voltage developed by any source of electrical energy such as a battery or dynamo.' Being exposed to EMF waves over a long period of time can result in many different health issues like headache, fatigue, stress, sleep disturbances, skin symptoms like prickling, burning sensations and rashes, pain and ache in muscles and many other health problems. Unfortunately, it is pretty much impossible to avoid EMF waves. They are created by microwaves, computers, cell phones, cell towers, and many other electrical devices. To help protect you from these harmful radio waves, I have created this bracelet. The stones on this bracelet are all excellent protection and shielding stones from EMF Waves, electro smog and environmental pollution. This is a great gift for anyone who works at the computer all day or is in close proximity to cell phones or any other electrical devices.
  • This bracelet is for the avid gardener, the Farmer, the hobby or professional botanist or nature lover. It has stones selected which resonate with the sun, the moon and the elements.
  • We all can use a bit of luck sometimes. Therefore, I have been inspired to create a Charm Bracelet which gives just that. A whole lot of luck.
  • These beautiful earrings were created with the use of a Lava Stone. Lava Stone is known for its wonderful ability to absorb the scents of essential oils. Simply add a drop of your favorite scent and have it swirling about your head and bring you joy whenever you wear these earrings. Lava stone was formed by liquid fire, which erupted from deep inside the earth and cooled down on the surface. Which gives this stone an intense, yet very calming and grounding energy.
  • This beautiful set of earrings features a Malachite bead as well as a Tree of Life charm. Among other things Malachite is known for its ability to bring to the surface what is blocking our spiritual growth. It encourages the expression of feelings, alleviates shyness and teaches the responsibility for one's own thoughts and actions. It also supports friendships and empathy for other people.
  • This necklace just goes with anything! Whether you wear a suit, t-shirt, or your little black dress. Black, rose gold and sterling silver make every outfit shine. And the added lava bead allows you to wear your favorite essential oil.
  • 'Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues.' For the longest time, modern medicine has not acknowledge the existence of Fibromyalgia. Therefore, there are not very many medical treatment options available yet. However, holistic treatments have shown quite beneficial in the treatment of Fibromyalgia. The stones on this bracelet have all shown to be beneficial in supporting and healing issues with the central nervous system and therefore can be of help with Fibromyalgia symptoms.
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