It all began with a Crystal

My healing journey began with a quartz crystal that a friend handed to me. The profound transformation I experienced also marked the beginning of my spiritual journey. I felt drawn to crystals and their energetic attributes. I have always loved crafting and so I decided to create spiritual and healing jewelry. I had experienced first hand what a crystal can do and wanted to help others. So, I began by creating bracelets for myself and my friends and family. And then in 2013 I took my first step as an entrepreneur and opened a shop on Etsy called Serafina Fae Jewelry.

I joined The Artisan Group, which made my dream come true of having my jewelry in the hands of movie stars and on TV shows.

Over time my passion for helping others started to evolve the more I healed from my own past. And so I closed my Etsy shop, left The Artisan Group and focused on my passion and purpose of helping people heal from trauma.

However, I simply enjoy creating jewelry so very much, and so I decided to continue to offer it and honor my own healing journey by naming it the Serafina Fae Jewelry Line.

Still to this day I craft each piece by hand and infuse it with healing energy.

Klick on the Diamond below and take a look!