Lightworker Share Your Light


Lightworker Share Your Light is a beautiful guided meditation for all awakened souls who wish to send divine love and  healing out into the world.


As lightworkers, our greatest desire is to help others. Right now, the whole world needs us more than ever before. Fear, doubt, judgment, and control governs our world, overshadows all that is good and pure. It is so easy to feel overwhelmed in this day and age. Seemingly helplessly watching as so many souls struggle every day.

As lightworkers, we have the most powerful tool of all at our disposal. Divine Energy. We can shift the energy from negative to positive, free other souls from the grip of fear, doubt and hopelessness and change the fate of our future.

I created this guided meditation for anyone who wishes to send love and healing out into the world. It begins with a grounding exercise and flows into a beautiful meditation that will help you to send your light out into the world that touches every soul.



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