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Journey to Your Self – How to Heal from Trauma walks the reader not only through my own story of abuse and recovery, but is also a hands-on guide for anyone who is ready to heal. 


98 in stock



In Journey to Your Self – How to Heal from Trauma

  • I share my own story of abuse
  • I pick apart trauma step by step to show that it is nothing to be feared or resented. 
  • I created exercises and space for notes to support readers on their healing journey.
  • I use various parts of my own story to explain how trauma works and what must happen to release it. 
  • I use my clients’ powerful transformation stories to show that we can release intense trauma with ease.


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4 reviews for Journey to Your Self (Signed Copy)

  1. Dr. James Cooze

    As a person who has spent most of my life folded between the pages of books, and almost constantly immersed in an interwoven web of words, I found your book to be a very masterfully-written “slice of life.” In particular, I was very impressed with your carefully chosen, simple and direct vernacular dialogue, with its sincere, emotional and passionate words and phrases, which are very relevant to the overall theme and tone of the book; it engenders in the reader a respect for the author as a reliable, trustworthy, competent and credible person.

    Your book gives very valuable and very skillful strategies and techniques that may help victims of sexual assault emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. Moreover, your personal stories narrated in the book, compounded with these strategies, enhance the credibility of the overall contents of the book; and, they give your target audience, who have found themselves caught in a vortex of pernicious memories, re-assurance that there is still a life after traumatic experiences.

    In addition, although you assert in the book that sexual assault experiences are manifested into a confusing and bewildering array of emotions, you positively assert the obverse too, in that you cleverly emphasize how various emotional intelligence tools can obliterate these painful feelings and bring joy, self-confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, self-efficacy, and self-aggrandizement back into the victim’s life once again!

    In my opinion, your book will be indispensable in helping others along life’s path from the crime of sexual assault to stability; and, it will help them eradicate the dreadful negative thoughts that are deemed to be so prevalent in the aftermath of sexual assault. Your creative and scholarly accomplishment in the writing of this book will be a catalyst in giving hope, resilience, and healing to the many victims of sexual abuse who will read it.

    Many kudos on your creative literary work; and, all the best in your future writing endeavors!

    Dr. J. Cooze

  2. Janice Peterson

    I just finished reading this book and absolutely loved it! Sandra takes you on her journey of how trauma was in her life and what it can do to someone. She then takes the reader through a process of how to release and heal that trauma. There is so much information to help anyone who wants to heal. I think anyone can benefit from this book including myself. Thank You Sandra for helping others to heal.

  3. Jenn Sadai

    Life is an evolving journey with many twists and turns. It’s easy to lose ourselves along the way, especially if you’ve experienced trauma. Sandra Cooze understands the turbulent journey firsthand and has made it her mission to help others through theirs. Journey to your Self gently guides you through the healing process by encouraging you to work through your past and build a better future. She’s a Traumatic Incident Reduction facilitator and shares countless techniques that she uses in her own practice.

    “Trauma healing is a journey of transformation, where we slowly break down our protective shields, our limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging behavior.”

    The author’s life was brutally impacted by her sexual assault experiences, yet she was able to adjust her mindset and find a purpose for her pain. Now she is turning those tough memories into guiding lights for other survivors. If you’re struggling to find your way, Journey to your Self is a compassionate, actionable workbook that will set you on the right path.

  4. Enigmma105

    This is one of the best post-trauma healing books I have read! It is incredibly powerful and beautifully written. The author shares so much of herself and her own story in a way that helps you feel connected and less alone as you work through your own trauma. She shares many unique tools with you and provides space, guidance, and resources in the book to begin using them yourself. Trauma and healing is so personal and so different for everyone and I deeply appreciate her sharing more alternative healing modalities in her book. Learning about new ways that we can heal and address these traumas on a holistic level is so important. Sandra’s book is sensitive, raw, honest, and such a powerful and valuable tool for any survivor to add to their tool belt. Healing is a journey and this book is a wonderful companion. Thank you Sandra!

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