Hi, I’m Sandra. I’m a Life Story Transformation Coach. I help trauma survivors transform their victim mentality and support them in awakening to their immeasurable worth and innate power.

Being a sexual assault victim myself… and having transformed my own intense emotional trauma… I know how it feels to be both a victim and a survivor. I also know how liberating it feels to let it all go. I found my life’s purpose in helping women heal and overcome their emotional pain, take back their lives, rise above their story and discover who they truly are.

I’ve created a 12 step program in which I will gradually guide a trauma survivor towards a place of healing and freedom from the emotional pain they’re held hostage to. We work to clear and transform paralyzing triggers as well as sabotaging beliefs and behaviors, which are all aspects of PTSD. Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Vulnerability and Open Communication are critical parts of this program that will work to instill a sense of Safety, Protection and Empowerment.

Victims of sexual assault and other traumatic events generally don’t talk about their experiences, yet this is a crucial stage in their healing process. It is so important to dig deep and unearth any suppressed trauma through expressive therapies. It is critical to understand that the actual sexual assault only played a small role in a survivor’s enduring emotional pain and suffering. In fact, their mind is often triggered by burdensome beliefs and unexpressed emotions of the trauma they experienced. Healing emotional pain is a journey back to your True Self, but it is by no means an easy one…. You will be emotional, you will be triggered, you will unleash a dark night of the soul. But through this temporary stage of awakening you will realize how incredibly strong and resilient you actually are. You will rise like the phoenix from the ashes of your own pain. You will unfold layers of your true self, bloom like a beautiful rose, unfolding petals of light that promise new life and new beginnings. This is who you are

at your innate core. And it is this profound Self-Realization that ultimately sets you free and empowers you to Rise Above Your Story.