The Rock Solid Relationship Program

Is designed for heart centered couples and individuals who know that they have married the love of their life, but feel disconnected. I help them discover and transform the root cause of their marital hardships and create the truly loving and flourishing relationship they have always desired!

Did you know…….

that nine out of ten relationships fail? And that most couples claim that communication issues are the problem?

And did you know………

that communication wasn’t the actual root cause of their problems, but rather unresolved past trauma?

And did you also know……

that if these couples had been made aware of the actual reason for their communication issues, most of those relationships could have been healed and transformed?

Do you feel as if your relationship is stuck and dangerously close to arriving at a dead end because you and your partner just can’t resolve those constant heated arguments, but neither of you is willing to give up? If so, then let’s talk. I can help you reset your relationship by releasing what is keeping you stuck, reconnecting on a whole new level and realigning your vision for your lives together moving forward.

Together we will uncover the key to unlocking your relationship’s full potential.

A relationship is like a dance.

Two people moving in synchronicity to a melody only they can hear.

The three Pillars of the Rock Solid Relationship Program


Understand and release the root cause of intense arguments that seem to be on a constant loop. To do that, we will dive deep into the concept of unresolved past trauma and triggers. This step is so important because unless you release those unresolved past issues, you will always fall back into your old behavioral patterns. The amazing thing here is that once you released your past, the arguments will fade away, because you are no longer being triggered.


Understand and discover how to communicate your wants and needs in an empowered way, set boundaries and get a better understanding of each others learnt behavior. Learn how to break down these learnt behaviors and successfully build new ones that harmonize with both of your views of your future going forward. Release the fears that are holding you back from having heartfelt discussions and discover the amazing benefits of honest and true communication. This step will allow you to reconnect with your partner on a much deeper level.


Learn how to successfully support one another during difficult times. You will know the exact steps of how to walk your spouse through an emotional trigger confidently by asking the right questions and supporting their needs. You will no longer stand by and watch helplessly when your partner is in crisis. You will be empowered to help each other on a whole new level. This final step will help you to realign your relationship and give you the tools to turn it into the sanctuary you have always wanted.

Trauma comes in many forms and it affects us in many different ways. What’s even worse is that it can wreak havoc on our relationships without us even realizing it.

I designed the Rock Solid Relationship Program to help couples create rock-solid relationships that are rooted in trust, unconditional love and a deep mutual respect for one other.

Our relationships play such a huge part in our lives. We meet someone, fall in love, get married and start a family. We build a life with our partner and dream about growing old together. There is nothing more beautiful than a partner who loves us exactly for who we are and whom we love just as much.

Balance is key if we want to live a fulfilled and purpose driven life. If we know how we can keep the balance, joy and companionship in a constant flow in our relationship, we can focus on building the lives of our dreams in complete harmony. 

But sadly, all too often something happens that inadvertently interrupts that beautiful dance. A simple conversation can severely push our buttons and end in a heated argument for no apparent reason. Or we deeply resent one of our partner’s friends or family members even though they have never given us any cause to feel this way. We may resent our partner’s parenting style or presumed lack of taking responsibility. And the list goes on and on.

It’s situations like these that only too often causa a relationship to eventually fall apart because we just can’t take the constant arguments anymore. There is no balance, no joy, no companionship.

But it does not have to be this way.

What most couples don’t realize is that situations like these and most others are caused by emotional triggers brought on by unresolved past trauma. The moment we are in these triggers we react to the distressing emotions we feel, and once we are out of that trigger we can’t understand what had happened. If we release the root cause of these triggers those heated arguments will stop and we can finally build a healthy relationship with those people we used to resent for no apparent reason.

By healing your past, you can restore

that beautiful dance you shared with your partner when you first met.

Is the Rock Solid Relationship Program Right for You?


Do you feel that you and your partner keep having the same argument over and over again? Does it put a strain on your relationship? Have you perhaps tried counseling or other methods to ‘fix’ your relationship, but nothing has brought lasting results? Are you and your partner coacheable and willing to invest in yourselves and each other to transform and heal your relationship? If you answered any or all of these questions with yes, then this program is right for you.


Do you feel that you and your partner keep having the same argument over and over again? Does it put a strain on your relationship? Have you suggested therapy in the past but your partner is not open to it? Do you fear that if nothing changes, your relationship might be in jeopardy? Do you and your husband love each other dearly despite what’s going on? Are you coachable and willing to do what it takes to save your relationship? If you answer any or all of these questions with yes, then this program is for you.


Have you had relationships that always seem to unfold in the same way? Have you been wondering why you always seem to feel drawn to the same type of partner? Do you feel that something is holding you back from living the life of your dreams and be with the perfect partner? Are you coachable and willing to invest in yourself to release what is holding you back and discover how to build the life of your dreams? If you answered any or all of these questions with yes, then this program is for you.


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