Triggers are a definitive sign of unresolved trauma or issues. Triggers are a negative emotional response to a specific situation, person, scent, song or anything that has a negative or traumatic event attached to it.

Triggers are one of the most common reasons for marital/relationship problems.

Often times a person does not even realize that they are being triggered or why. Triggers can show up in many different ways and are usually directed at someone we have a conversation with. What is important to understand is that the emotional reaction we display has nothing to do with the person who stands in front of us, yet it may be received as such. Triggers may better be known by the expression ‘striking a nerve in someone’

Triggers can show up in many different ways, for example:

  • suddenly acting defensive
  • abruptly ending a conversation for no apparent reason
  • brushing something off vehemently
  • throwing a tantrum (yep, even adults have temper tantrums)
  • sudden onset of anxiety or a panic attack

To remove a trigger, we first have to discover the root cause of the issue. Once we discovered that we can work on healing the situation and with that releasing the trigger.


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