The Relationship Empowerment Mastery Program is designed for loving couples who know that they are meant to be together, but feel disconnected. They have constant and recurring arguments that trigger both of them, often walk on eggshells around one another and are grieving the loving connection they once had, but seemed to have lost.

However, they both believe that there has to be a way to ‘fix’ their relationship and are ready and willing to invest in themselves to bring peace, love, balance and harmony back into their lives.

And with the

Relationship Empowerment Mastery Program

we will accomplish just that!

I designed the Relationship Empowerment Mastery Program to help couples create rock-solid relationships that are rooted in trust, unconditional love and a deep mutual respect for one other.

I will empower you and your partner to rebuild your relationship so that you are no longer just two people who are married (or living together) but are two halves of the same coin.

You will find the balance, harmony and support you have always wanted from each other.

You will be each others rock and learn the steps to support each other in times of emotional crisis.

As a first step I will work with each of you individually to help you release the major past traumatic events from your life. This step is very important as it allows you to release unresolved past traumas and the thereof resulting triggers that cause all those dreaded arguments.

As a second step you will learn how to communicate your wants and needs, set boundaries and get a better understanding of each others learnt behavior. You will learn how to break down these learnt behaviors and successfully build new ones that harmonize with both your views of your future going forward. You will release the fears that are holding you back from having honest and heartfelt discussions and with that will discover the amazing benefits of honest and true communication.

As the last step, you will learn how to successfully support one another during difficult times. You will know the exact steps of how to walk your partner through an emotional trigger confidently by asking the right questions and supporting their needs. You will no longer stand by and watch helplessly when your partner is in crisis. You will be empowered to help each other on a whole new level.

At the end of our time together, you will feel happier, free from past traumas and rooted in your relationship. You will feel at home. You will be partners in every sense of the word. You will be each others rock. You will know that you can rely on each other no matter what.

For more information please contact me or book your discovery call from the button below. Please know that you and your partner will receive a questionnaire to fill out and return to me before your discovery call.